GunnsHillLogo200pxThe milk is now curdling and the cheeses are busy aging at Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese! That's right, Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese is only weeks away from having it's green door graciously swung open to cheese lovers from far and wide!

Artisan cheese maker and owner Shep Ysselstein is hard at work creating three unique handmade cheeses that will surely please all palates. The traditionally crafted Swiss style cheeses are made with milk produced at Ysselstein's family dairy farm, Friesvale Farms. The farm was started by his grandfather who immigrated to the area in the 1950's from Holland. He passed his love and skills for dairy farming down two generations. His father and brother now run the farm and are elated that Ysselstein is receiving milk produced from the dairy farm to make his cheese.

Ysselstein's journey to becoming a skilled cheese maker began on the farm where he not only loved dairy farming, but all the delicious products that come from dairy. After he completed university, where he received a degree in business, Ysselstein had numerous opportunities studying and making cheese in the United States, British Columbia and most recently Switzerland. It was during these ventures that he developed his passion and skill set for cheese making. Although each experience offered infinite learning opportunities, it was during the time when he was making cheese in the Swiss Alps that he truly fell in love with the art and mastered his technique.

Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese is not only an excellent addition to the small group of Canadian artisan cheese makers, but serves as a great education outlet to visitors from near and far. Visitors to the cheese house can watch how cheese is made, purchase items from the cheese store and learn about the importance of supporting local agriculture. People will also enjoy learning about dairy farming; the cows that produce the milk for the cheese and the plants they eat - all while being in one of the most beautiful locations in southern Ontario, the rolling green hills and dense forests of Gunn's Hill Road. Ysselstein is excited to show visitors the art of cheese making and the beauty of the farming experience, "Most people do not truly understand how milk is created, let alone how cheese is made. Gunn's Hill Artisan Cheese will offer a unique experience that allows people to connect to their food and support local agriculture, while enjoying some of the best tasting cheeses Canada has to offer.'

Doors are officially opening in mid-September. Grand opening festivities will take place and all will be welcome, so stay tuned for details!

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